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VersaPull™ Hands Free Opener

The VersaPull™ allows you to open doors while reducing the chance of spreading germs. It features a universal design and is mounted near the handle for arm operation or at the bottom of the door for foot operation.

Slip–Over® Floor Savers® Installation

Installing Expanded Technologies Slip–Over® Floor Savers® is fast and easy with a few simple tools.

Expanded Technologies Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protector Installation

See how easy it is to install our clear sleeve floor protection products.

Expanded Technologies VersaGlide™ Formed Felt Floor Protector Installation

How to install our VersaGlide™ floor protection product on wood leg chairs. VersaGlide™ Formed Felt combines an extremely durable felt tip with a tap-in base that can be used on any size or shape wooden furniture leg.

Expanded Technologies Measuring Tape Tool

Use our custom measuring tool to confirm what size you need to order. Wrap the tool around the tip of your chair leg to determine what size will work.

Expanded Technologies Adhesive Backed Felt Pad

Heavy Duty Felt Pads reduce noise and protect floors from scratches, dents and rust stains. With peel and stick backs, our heavy duty felt pads help keep… Show More

Expanded Technologies Sliders

Sliders help move furniture easily and keep furniture joints from loosening. They are polymer discs with padded peel and stick backs. Placed under heavy furniture… Show More

Expanded Technologies Safety Release™ Flip Down Doorstops

Our modern Flip Down Doorstop combines versatility, functionality and durability for the ultimate doorstop… Show More

Expanded Technologies Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors

New Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors prevent damage normally caused by moving furniture. The transparent… Show More

Expanded Technologies Door Wedges

Door Wedges fit securely between the door and door jamb to keep doors open. For standard doors, simply place the wedge above the hinge… Show More

Expanded Technologies CasterTire™ Floor Savers®

CasterTire™ Floor Savers® convert damaging hard plastic casters into soft, quiet, floor saving wheels… Show More

Expanded Technologies Gripper® Doorstops

New Improvements Non-slip bottom now molded as part of the unit to increase durability and gripping power Gripper® Doorstops hook onto… Show More

Expanded Technologies Replacement Chair Tips

Replacement Chair Tips reduce noise and protect all types of floors—they're perfect for schools. This durable Chair Tip consists of a vinyl sleeve and is available… Show More

Expanded Technologies Slide-All™ Sliders

Slide-All™ Sliders help move large furniture and equipment easily, protect carpet and flooring and keep furniture joints from loosening… Show More

Expanded Technologies Slip-On® Floor Savers®

Slip-On® Floor Savers® protect hard floor surfaces from damage. This tough Slip-On® consists of a vinyl sleeve with a reinforced rounded felt… Show More

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