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Hands Free Opener

The VersaPull™ allows you to open doors while reducing the chance of spreading germs. It features a universal design and is mounted near the handle for arm operation or at the bottom of the door for foot operation.

Made from strong, durable material, these openers are gentle on shoes and arms, unlike metal door pulls, and are easy to clean. The flexibility to use either hands or feet makes it easier to open heavy doors, because using your foot in those situations can be difficult. VersaPull™ is ideal for public restrooms, offices, and commercial facilities to slow or prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Durable, long lasting design
  • Attach to any door
  • Mount for either foot or arm operation
  • Three year warranty

Use VersaPull™ to open doors in

  • Public restrooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings

Includes everything needed for installation

  • Hardware
  • Operation decals
  • Drilling template
  • VersaPull
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