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VersaGlide® Formed Felt

VersaGlide® Formed Felt

VersaGlide® Formed Felt combines an extremely durable felt tip with a tap-in base that can be used on any size or shape wooden furniture leg. Easy to install, the tap in base is simply nailed into the bottom of the leg. Then, the peel and stick felt tip is applied to the base. Because the base is convex, the custom molded felt tip adheres much better than a traditional flat felt pad. If the felt wears out, you simply replace it with a new felt pad—no new nail holes!

Easy to Install

View Installation Video

Nail in, peel the release liner, and place the felt tip on the base

Use VersaGlide® Formed Felt to

  • Protect floor surfaces from scratches
  • Reduce noise associated with moving furniture
  • Extend the life of the original furniture glide

Recommended uses

  • Wood Desks
  • Wood Bar Stools
  • Wood Table Legs

Recommended for

All hard floor surfaces - wood, ceramic tile, finished concrete, VCT

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