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St. Teresa of Avilla Catholic Church and School

The Problem

The Floors Required Constant Refinishing

"Our school is kindergarten through eighth grade, and the kids love to treat their chairs like they are little cars. There's a lot of sliding in and out. With our old floor protection, you could see clear marks on the tile floor where the chairs would go back and forth for each desk. None of the old products we used really protected the wax on the floor, so the constant movement would wear it out. Then the floors would attract dirt and grime, and we would have to do multiple deep scrubs and refinishes throughout the year. We even had someone donate tennis balls for all of our desk chairs, but they don't look great and would start to attract dirt and grime too."

The Solution

Expanded Technologies Slip-Over Floor Saver

"We started using Slip-Over Floor Savers from Expanded Technologies, and they have been great. They prevent a lot of floor issues and really helped our floors and classrooms look better. There are fewer scratches, and we don't have to spend as much time doing deep scrubs and re-waxes.

We've put them on the furniture in almost all of our classrooms and are planning on installing them on new furniture that we are receiving soon."

The Results

Reduced Wear, Damage, and Labor

"We've tried quite a few different products over the years, and none of them have been better than Expanded's. They've been installed in our school for over four years now, and they have helped maintain our 20 year old floors. I'd say we've reduced labor by about 10% in terms of time spent scrubbing and refinishing the floors. The floors don't collect dirt, we save on wear and tear, and the rooms look a lot better. We feel that's important, because the students and teachers can have pride in their classrooms and school, which leads to pride in their community.

"If I could, I'd give Expanded Technologies six stars out of five. We love that their products are all manufactured in the States, and whenever we've called them, they have been very pleasant and easy to deal with."

Bill Thoman, Physical Plant Director,
     St. Teresa of Avilla Catholic Church and School

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