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Reducing Maintenance Costs and Improving
Customer Experience at Johnny'Z Pour House

Expanded Technologies products hold up in a tough bar environment

The Problem – Floor Protection Products Were Constantly Falling Off
"I had recently redone the wood floors in my bar, but they were being scratched up by all the bar stools and chairs as customers moved them around. So I bought some pretty standard sticky felt floor protectors off the internet. These things didn't even last a week. Almost immediately after installing them they started falling off and falling apart. And my nice redone floors were being scratched up."

The Solution – Expanded Technologies' Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors
"A buddy of mine recommended I try Expanded Technologies. They came out, brought some samples, we tested the Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors on the bar stools and chairs, and I decided to give them a try. It's been about four months and they haven't come off. The products are holding up great and protecting the floors well. I've been in the bar business for 20 years, and I can tell you that customers are rough on your furniture. We've been busy the past four months, and Expanded's products have held up through it."

The Results – Reduced Maintenance, Noise, and Costs
"The floor protection I bought from Expanded Technologies is high quality, and the price is very reasonable. I don't need to pay someone to touch up floor scratches every couple of months or constantly purchase lower quality floor protection. My furniture and flooring will last longer. I'm definitely going to see a positive return on investment for this. To top it all off, the noise in the restaurant is a lot lower. The chairs and stools are easier for customers to move around, and you don't hear the constant sliding and scraping. It's a better customer experience."

—John Ziema, Owner of Johnny'Z Pour House

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