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Gripper® Mats

Bench Top Mats
• Non-slip surface
 prevents tools
 from moving
• Protects surfaces
• Holds tools, nails
 and screws in place

• Work bench tops
• Wood shops
• Auto shops
• Machine shops
• Repair and
 maintenance work

Tool Box Mats
• Protects tools and
  box surface
• Holds tools in place
• Prevents tool damage

• Tool boxes
• Tool box tops
• Drawer liners
• Machine shops
• Fastener boxes
 and drawers

Fender Mats
• Protects work area
• Keeps tools and
 materials in place

• Auto repair
• Bath and
  kitchen repair
• Work surface
  for plumbers,
 electricians and

Machine Mats
• Reduces exercise
  machine noise
• Protects floors from
 scratches, gouges, oil,
 grease and

• Treadmills
• Stationary bikes
• Rowing machines
• Free weights
• Exercise machines
• Punching bags

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