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Gripper® Doorstep Holder

Fast, simple, and reliable

• Holder makes sure the doorstop is stored out of the way, but quick and easy to deploy in any situation
• Allows the doorstop to be visible at all times
• Strong adhesive sticks to any wood, metal, or painted surface
• Durable material stands up to years of use

The Perfect Tool

“I'm a sworn police officer who works as a resource officer in our local school. As part of our job, we offer enhanced lockdown training to teachers and staff. One of the first options in a lockdown situation is to barricade students inside their classrooms. The Gripper® Doorstop from Expanded Technologies is the first and easiest step teachers can take in the event of a lockdown. It's simple to use, it's portable, and just by the nature of the design, the harder you push on it, the harder it's going to dig in.

“Other barricading options are cost prohibitive and cumbersome to install. The Gripper® Doorstop is the perfect tool to be cost effective and to help in a lockdown situation.”

—Officer Michael Romano, Hadley Police Department
Hadley, MA

The Gripper® Doorstop doesn't move

“I came across the Gripper® Doorstop at a trade show I attended. I decided to buy one and bring it back to the district to see if it would help with our intruder drills. A friend of mine and I tested it out to see if he would be able to push his way into the room with it in place on the inside of the room. We took it and jammed it under the door, and he pushed while I stood on the other side. He wasn't able to get in with the Gripper® Doorstop in place.

“I showed it to the superintendent, and he thought I was onto something, so we brought it up to the school board. They really like the idea of putting the Gripper® Doorstop in every classroom as a line of first defense.”

—John Netteshiem, Merton School District
Merton, WI

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