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Expanded Technologies' Floor Savers®
Improve Learning Environment

"The products will significantly increase the longevity
of the floor finish."

Indian Trails High School band sings their praises

Expanded Technologies contacted Ken Weile, the band instructor at Indian Trails High School, to try their new Chair Tips and Wrap-Around® Floor Savers® developed for music stands. Both are designed to reduce noise and protect floor surfaces. Because the constant noise of the chairs and music stands distracts students during band practices and classes, Weile jumped at the opportunity to participate. He describes below how both products reduced noise dramatically, improving the learning environment in his classroom.

"The difference was like night and day. The day after Expanded Technologies installed the Floor Savers, the classroom environment greatly improved. It made teaching my classes much better, because I do not have to talk over the noise of chairs and stands, and helped the kids focus on their material. The chairs and music stands were just so noisy."

Less Maintenance
"We are really impressed with the product and the noise reduction. Even our orchestra and choir are now interested in getting some of Expanded Technologies' products. Our janitorial staff noticed the first day they were installed, because moving the chairs around to clean can be a very noisy job. After installing the Wrap-Around™s and Chair Tips with felt, they couldn't be happier. The products will significantly increase the time between floor finishing, too. They have already reduced the frequency for polishing the floors."

Better Focus
"My students have definitely noticed a difference. They have actually made it a practice to ensure that all of the music stands and chairs with the Floor Savers end up in my classroom at the end of the day and not any other classroom. It really helps everyone focus on what they are trying to learn, rather than on the noisy chairs and stands."

Easy Installation
"Expanded Technologies products are easy to install and are made very well. We haven't had to replace any of the Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers or Chair Tips, and I do not foresee having any issues getting more if I need them."

Ken Weile, Band Instructor, Indian Trails High School

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