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CasterTire™ Floor Savers®

New model is easier to install with shrink wrap
Installation takes minutes and saves hours
in maintenance.

1. Turn chair upside down.
    Tip—Prop chair on table
    for easier installation
2. Place the CasterTire™
    over the exposed part
    of wheel. The flange or
    sharp edge on the tire
    faces the outside of the
    caster, the rounded
    edge goes to the inside.
3. Rotate the wheel
    1/2 rotation and stretch
    the CasterTire on until
    it is securely in place
    and centered on wheel.
4. Use a heat gun to shrink
    the CasterTire onto the
    wheel. Be careful! Do not
    overheat the tire or caster.
    Rotate the wheel 1/2
    rotation as soon as the tire
    forms repeat the process.
5. Use a hair dryer on the
    highest setting if a heat
    gun is not available.
6. Installed
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